The following code samples are snippets from some of my released projects as well as some personal exploration. They are all hosted on my GitHub Gist page.
Wall Run Character
This project was a simple prototype using Unreal 4 in which I wanted to create a 3rd person character capable of running along walls and jumping between them. My goal was to make intuitive, fluid controls while maintaining an element of mastery.
C++ Memory Manager
Since I typically work in Unreal and Unity, I wanted to expand my skills when it comes to understanding how to handle memory and get a lower level understanding of the language. It's a pretty basic setup, but I did quite a bit of research on the theory and method behind it.
Music Player Component
The music player component script is something I wrote for Tacopocalypse in Unreal 4. It was created so that I could load in a list of tracks with artists and names from a data asset and notify when they're ready to play. It's based off of the UAudioComponent base class.
Calculate Rotation Over Time
When working on Tacopocalypse I found that I needed to detect stunts by calculating the player's car rotation over time. Gimbal lock and working with Eulers was a huge issue in this, so I wrote this function to more accurately determine stunts using Quaternions.
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