While I'm first and foremost a game programmer, I also enjoy modeling and animation. I spend some time strengthening my art skills during nights and weekends, but here's a small sample of some of my creations that have made their way into projects I've worked on.
Blue Man Avatar
The Blue Man was a model created to be used as a player avatar in a virtual reality music prototype based off of Shapesong. It has been rigged to follow the player's head rotation. I originally sculpted this in VR using Oculus Medium, and ran it through ZBrush, Substance Painter, and Maya LT to reduce, texture, and rig.
Elm Mask
This model was created for Shapesong to be a applied to a player avatar and is used as a core tutorial character. The grooves and pattern in the mesh has an emission texture that can be used to create a glow effect when activated. The Elm mask was also originally sculpted in VR using Oculus Medium, before being run through Maya LT to reduce and then Substance Painter.
The Explorer
When working on Shapesong we decided we needed a way to show the player their spectator or mixed reality view during gameplay. This guy was created as a "cameraman" with a pop out screen displaying his viewpoint. The Explorer was modeled in Maya LT and textured in Substance Painter.
The Dart
Originally created for Tacopocalypse, this is the standard car the player starts with. It is rigged with all four wheels and some antenna joints for a wobble effect using physics in-engine. Additional paint jobs and decals are layered over top of the base material shown. The Dart was created using Maya LT and Photoshop.
Low Poly Goblin
The Goblin is one of the first models I modeled, rigged, and animated. It was made for my Hollow project, and is meant to have a very minimal style. He was created using Maya 2015.
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